Another Great Word!

Happy Friday!

First of all, I would like to share something with you. I love words! When I was in elementary school and we worked on our vocabulary lists (using a real live dictionary, not a computer) I could never get done because I would find all of these intriguing words to read about instead of finishing my work. Did you ever do this?

Anyway, all of my rambling brings us to the fun word I found for today!

Flibbertigibbit! (pronounced \flib-er-tee-JIB-ut\)

Have you ever heard this word? I was thinking maybe it was an Irish word, but according to Merriam-Webster it actually comes from Middle English. It means a silly, flighty person. It is a word of onomatopoeic (I love that word!) origin, created from sounds that were intended to represent meaningless chatter.

Does anyone come to mind when you see this word?


jenjen said...

That is a funny word. It makes me think of a Disney movie - I'm not sure which one. Thanks for letting me stop by - it's great to meet you! I am excited to look around - what a cute place you have here!


Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Would I be a terrible mother if I said my son? I love him and he can be serious when he needs to be. BUt most of the time he is a silly, flighty person. I'm going to share this word with him. He'll get a kick out of it!

Kathy B! said...

I'm silly, but not flighty -- otherwise I'd say it sounds (as in the sound not the meaning!!) just like me : )

Molly said...

This word always makes me think of Joe versus the Volcano and one of Meg Ryan's characters calls herself that several times. Now that I'm remembering, that is a really weird movie!

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