four things about me...


My sweet bloggy friend Teresa from A Blog About Food tagged me recently. I haven't done one in a while so I thought it would be fun to play along.

Four shows I watch
Young and the Restless
House Hunters
Diners Drive-ins and Dives
Iron Chef

Four things I’m passionate about
My family
My blog
Getting my cupcake party business up and running

Four phrases I use a lot
You know what I mean?
You two, stop fighting!
Dang cat!
It was on sale!

Four things I’ve learned from the past
It’s okay to be a dork
Friends will come and go but family will always be there for you
Never burn the popcorn
God still loves you even when you mess up

Four places I’d love to go
New Zealand- to visit my friend Sue!

Four things I did yesterday
Cooked dinner
Searched for scone recipes
Talked with my kids

Four things I love about winter
Cozy Sweaters
Christmas Trees
Warm Fires

I tag Sue, Monet, Molly and...You! Feel free to play along...or not. No pressure here.



scrappysue said...

HA! i've only heard of two of those shows!
i'll do the tag tomorrow!
i want to visit greece too!
...and thanks for the linky love!

Stella said...

Your'e too cute, Kim! I hope your cupcake party business takes off too. Maybe I should do a spell (smile & kidding). Oh, and it's totally okay to be a dork;-)

Lisa said...

I love Iron Chef & all the HGTV shows. We got rid of our cable so I can't watch anymore. You two, stop fighting and dang cat are phrases I use too.

Julie said...

Very fun read, Kim :) I love "dang cat!" Lol!

Jeannie said...

Nice to know you better Kim:D I'd been to Greece, Italy and will be going to NZ in April, yay! All the best in your business!

Angie's Recipes said...

Kim, nice to learn more and better about you :-))
Those cupcake liners look very pretty.

Beth said...

What a fun list! Good luck with the cupcake business!

Janice said...

nice to find out more about you.

teresa said...

love it, i agree with it all! i miss having dvr, i never missed any of my favorite food shows, like iron chef!

Erin said...

Hi Kim. Fun to hear more about you! Good luck with the cupcake business!!

Abby said...

Dorks unite! Totally ok to be a dork. I'm excited to hear about the cupcake business. Best of luck!

Bridgett said...

I love learning more about fellow bloggers and your answers were fun to read. Thank you for sharing a little with us.

Holly said...

Cupcake business sounds fun! I use ALOT of the same phrases too;) I love triple D too:)

Claudia said...

Bless you for finding four things to love about winter. I hope the cupcake business goes full swing!

Emily Z said...

It's always fun to read posts like this and get to know your fellow bloggers a little bit more on a personal level. I agree with you on two statements in particular: It IS okay to be a dork, and I also love wintertime for the cozy sweaters and scarves!

Thanks for sharing!

Debbie said...

DD&D, Iron Chef, and House Hunters? We would get along in front of the tv just fine:)

The Blonde Duck said...

I loved learning more about you! Good luck on your cupcake buisness!

Faith said...

Cupcakes are a passion of mine too! ;) Best of luck to you with your cupcake business, Kim!

Joanne said...

Fun fun fun! Mmm a cupcake party business...I like the sound of that!

UrMomCooks said...

Luv the lists! And best wishes on the cupcake business! I can vouch that ur recipes are awesome!

Monet said...

Kim! This was so fun to read. I loved learning a bit more about you. I wish we could watch Diners, Drive Ins and Dives together and eat cupcakes! I'm going to try to post some 4's on my blog this week...I will let you know when I do! I would order dozens of your cupcakes, so I hope you get that business up and running soon! Thank you for sharing, love!

Suzi said...

Love the list Kim! That sounds like a fun post, I may just have to steal it and put one of my own up this week.

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