One Crazy Dream

Yesterday I was over visiting Cairo Typ0 at Wandering the World and she was asking what we would take with us in an emergency. Well, I guess I must have been thinking about this subconsciously all day because last night I had the craziest dream.

We were living in a really big two story house. (Which is very far from the teeny-tiny house we really live in!) There were three houses near ours and a railroad track ran by the house behind us. I was upstairs busy doing something or other when I glanced out the window and noticed that all three of the houses near us were on fire! My husband came into the room and I told him and he said that when the train went by the wheels made a spark and caught one house on fire which, in turn, sparked and set the other two houses ablaze. This made perfect sense to me.

I decided that we had better pack and prepare to evacuate our home. I grabbed my suitcase and began to fill it. I also grabbed my jewelry box and I told my son to get some of his Legos so that he would have something to play with. Apparently, my daughter wasn't there because I started going through her drawers and gathering up some things. I found a Nala toy and noticed it had pink rhinestones on the feet. I was thinking that I had never noticed that. I turned her on and listened to her growl and say a few things....

I was taking my sweet time when I realized our whole house was swaying. It was making me nauseous.

We finally got everything packed and were heading down the stairs when we met up with this insurance lady in a navy business suit. She announced that we would not be able to take anything with us and for insurance purposes everything must be left in tact. (Whatever that means!) I was so angry that I was going to lose everything in the fire that I began to yell and punch the walls. Then I woke up, it was 6:45.

Whew! That was so crazy! Isn't it funny to analyze your dreams? Why in the heck was I taking so much time to leave? I mean, the house was swaying so much it could have crumbled at any moment! Yet, I was perfectly calm and taking time to be sure I didn't forget anything.

How about you? Any crazy dreams lately? Please share! :)


Cairo Typ0 said...

I feel bad that i gave you nightmares!! LOL I always have very vivid and wacky dreams. Last night i worked at a hotel and was best friends with someone i knew in highschool who was suspected (in the dream) of being crazy. And i think I was the one making her more crazy. LOL It all made sense while i was sleep. LOL

BarbaraJean said...

Crazy dream alright. I had a crazy one a couple of nights ago but I didn't write it down so I lost it. Sometimes I don't forget them if they are really vivid. It sounds like you were just trying to make sure everyone was taken care of... even in your dreams. ...so how were your knuckles when you woke up? Ha!

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