Mary, Mary Quite Contrary....

I have not tried to plant a garden in about 13 years. We have decided to give it a shot and see if our thumbs are still just a little green. I've got my book. I've got my seeds. I have my garden spot chosen, tilled and ready to go. Now, if will just stop raining for even 20 minutes around here maybe I could get started!

My son picked out the watermelon seeds. I have never tried to grow watermelon. I wonder if it's hard to grow. My daughter chose the cantaloupe. I have never tried to grow this either. I picked the lavender. My husband hates the smell of lavender. (I really didn't choose it to torture him!) I promise I will not even bring it into the house. It will just stay outside and look pretty. I might like to grow broccoli. I grew some in my last garden but I got a little freaked out when I brought some in the house and was rinsing it off and a little green worm fell off of it that was the exact same color as my broccoli! It made me wonder just how many worms I may have eaten without noticing.


I am anxious to get started so if anyone knows any Un-Rain Dances you just let me know! :0)

Happy Gardening!!


Molly said...

Un-Rain dances - ha! Yeah I was going to transplant some poppies since they are in the garden I plan to till and don't want to kill them! But when I thought I'd brave the cold and wind it started hailing. I give up.

Watermelon and cantaloupe are easy! I usually plant mine in a little mound of dirt - and make sure you plant them away from other things because they will take over!

Have fun!

Randi said...

Hey! This is quite a cute little blog you've got here. :) I am planning on starting my very own garden this year too....never done it before, and I'm beyond clueless. But, I think it will be a fun adventure.

Thanks for all the nice comments you have been leaving me over on my blog!

Kathy B! said...

I read somewhere that the average human eats a pound of bugs per year. ((shudder))

Connie Weiss said...

I just ordered my garden seeds last night on the internet. I can't wait to get started!

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