Today, the kids and I had dentist appointments. My son is doomed! His teeth are terrible! He is the cavity kid! That's it! No more candy, soda or sugar of any kind! Of course, I always say that and then the next candy-filled holiday rolls around and we find ourselves back in the Sugar Saddle and on our way to Cavityville! Well, I am appointing myself the new sheriff in this here town and I am runnin' all of the candy out of Dodge!

This is your lucky day! The most creative response to the following question will win a big ol' bag of teeth rottin' candy and a $20 Target gift card.

Here is the question: What do you call it when you are speaking to the dentist with your mouth open during an exam? (I thought would be fun to think up a word or words for this! There is no correct answer, it's just for fun!)

Winner will be announced Sunday, March 8th. :)


Shannon (Faith and Chocolate) said...

HI KIm! Thanks for stopping by and saying "hi"! You have a cute little blog, my dear! ;)
I don't know, what DO you call it when speaking to the dentist with your mouth wide open during an exam? ;P I seriously can't think... LOL!

BarbaraJean said...

"toothamucating"... like communicating

Tea With Tiffany said...



Connie Weiss said...


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